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About us

Desire Rugs is a market-leading wholesale supplier with a firm passion for perfection. Established for over a decade, our mission is to bring consumers a world-class mix of design, colour, quality, and excellent service every single time. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers, we are proud to offer consumers rugs that seamlessly blend contemporary and classic trends. We are dedicated to producing rugs that don’t just match but exceed your expectations. We strive to provide an excellent experience to our customers through dedicated, attentive customer support and by offering premium-quality, marketable rugs. We create timeless designs by carefully selecting colours, patterns, and textures that reflect current marketing trends and implement new technological advances. Our market research and design development team focus on the details, so you don’t have to.


At Desire Rugs, our mission is to produce marketable rugs that combine premium quality with timeless, contemporary designs, all while committing to sustainable and ethical manufacturing.


We envision leading the rug industry through tech innovation, exciting designs, and responsible manufacturing practices.


Our goals are to continue to deliver excellent customer service, expand our market presence, and continue to develop premium quality rugs that fulfill our customers’ needs and creative aspirations.